EXCLUSIVE: Rick Ross Mastermind Album Listening Party

5 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Rick Ross Mastermind Album Listening Party”

  1. World Dominator

    Feel SORRY for these lowlife ‘sheep’ in the crowds following William ‘Officer Ricky – Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts : the BIGGEST FRAUD in HIP HOP History! He’s a bad actor ‘playing a Rapper, playing a Drug Boss’ – worst actor of the year! SUCKAZ!

  2. soyhiphop

    i dont get him really i dont..dude raps about the same materealism type bull shit on every album..and these no personality having follower type fans love it..mainstream rap now compared to 90s mainstream rap? sucks and i’m not saying this cause i grew up in the 90s but because people had way different styles wutang onyx snoop dogg bone thugs ugk mc eiht outkast nice n smoove mobb deep e 40 2 pac when these guys made a featuring you felt the 2 different styles..but now? is a bunch of rappers who sound alike rap alike on the same song talking about the same things they rap about in almost each song…garbage(kendrick being one of many exceptions)

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