EXCLUSIVE: Ron Browz Speaks on Meeting Big L In Harlem

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  • Super_Hero

    I never heard one Harlem dude that said they like Big L before he died. Now on these site, there are lots of Big L fans. Where were you when Harlem dudes were laughing at me for calling Big L nice. I knew one dude that was trying to get him a $6 an hour job. I told him if he got Big L that job, it would be a rap for Flamboyant entertainment.

    • Truth Powell

      I think most of his fans found out about him posthumously. Which only shows how dope he is.

    • hoeyuno

      Really?? I’m not from NY but was a fan of Big L when dude was alive. I thought of him as your favorite rappers favorite rapper type ish…when ppls were fuccin with biggie I was fuccin with L…