Ferguson, Missouri Mayor speaks with CNN about Mike Brown Death

Ferguson, Missouri Mayor James Knowles speaks with CNN about the Michael Brown incident and the violence and looting that has occurred since the murder of the pre-college teenager, who was gunned down just days before his first days of college and who was unarmed.

  • John Q. Public

    Im all for the protests but the people of Ferguson tearing apart and looting their own community was just dumb. CNN was showing hundreds of people breaking into shoe stores and stealing rims from cars shops last night. It did not help the issue at all, just painted them in a bad light.

    • Renzoe

      Its fucked up,but i dont expect anything less from cnn they love showing us in a bad light.I also agree why tear down your own community knowing those cameras will be rolling,everything was good till the shooting and looting!!

      • John Q. Public

        You cant blame CNN. They did cover the story before the looting, but after the looting began those people just created a whole other story. Its CNNs job to cover whats happening. They aren’t anything like Fox News at least

    • I’m from the Lou bruh and no one in Ferguson owns any of that sht out there….it was our folks way of saying you ain’t gon kill our kind and still make money off of us….people came from all over the city to tear that area apart. I know it looks dumb but they didn’t wreck too many homes just businesses that have been making our black dollar for sometime now. Sure it doesn’t help but I feel it’s more effective than sitn by and waiting on a not guilty verdict by a racist system, trust me if you have ever ridden through Ferguson and been harassed by their police force you would fully understand. They are well known for profiling black people out there, it’s mainly a middle class area without much crime. I have been pulled over numerous times as a youngster in that area as well as my family and friends for no apparent reason. Our kids been getn gunned down a lot recently and St. Louis folks ain’t never been too shy about saying Fk the police. Black folk all over the country should be tired of this racial profiling sht. I bet this whole country would have to take notice if we start shooting back and kicking they asses for the sht that they do to us. Sometimes enough is enough.. I currently live in Florida where trayvon was murdered and nobody has done sht. Since Michael Brown has been killed a couple officers got their asses whipped and folks have been busting on the police. Two wrongs don’t make a right but when do we say enough is enough.

  • John Q. Public

    Also not sure why they already hired the same lawyer that Trayvon’s parents used. He did lose that case.

  • Markus

    Looting during a crisis like this never helps the real message that must be sent. Rioting only gets sensationalized on the big news stations while peaceful protests hardly receive any real coverage. Bottom line stop the senseless violence and wait for the investigation to conclude before reacting appropriately.

    • Christopher Cosper

      i do agree with you in a way but peaceful protest doesnt work either….trayvon martin case was a great example of that. I think both work hand and hand Malcolm and Martin. No im not saying this is like Malcolm but sometimes you must let them know we wont just turn the other cheek all the time

      • Markus

        What you’re saying is true. But honestly is looting the result of protests gone unheard or a matter of people just trying to capitalize on a tragedy? Burning convenience stores in your own community sends no message. Just more kids thrown in jail.

      • John Q. Public

        maybe get organized and have people follow the police to keep an eye on them. protest and always be present at the police station. its legal and lets them know you are organized, smart, and watching them.

      • I been sitting here for days thinking this same thing, maybe we should come up with a coalition of people in every city that goes around recording every police stop they see in order to prevent sht like this from happening. I also know that most police cars have cameras in them that can’t be shut off, that’s why I think Ferguson ain’t releasing all the info they have in their so called on going investigation. They haven’t even released the officers name or anything yet, out of all the police investigations in the country when have they not released the officers name? Something is definitely fishy about the entire ordeal because the officer had no business at all to stop those two young men anyway, they weren’t breaking any laws walking down the middle of the street, and when he confronted them with aggression as Ferguson police are known to do it sparked a problem that unfortunately led to this young mans death. He had no business fkn with them boys man, Ferguson is known for this sht man.

      • John Q. Public

        yea it hard to say exactly what happened for sure that lead up to the shooting, when its somebody’s word vs another, but the only facts that I know for sure is he was unarmed and got 10 bullets put in him that’s crazy.

        Black Panthers used to follow the cops. that would really make a statement and make the news to bring awareness but it would also take work and dedication to a cause. People usually don’t wanna put the work in anymore these days.

      • Exactly and st.louis ain’t the type of city to just let this thing go…I’m from there and that police department in Ferguson are definitely repeat offenders when it comes to that profiling sht…I can recall numerous occasions of it happening to me as a youngster. Ask anybody who has ever passed thru that area and you will see why my folks going hard right now. They didn’t only loot, a police officer was beaten, and shots were fired at officers also. People came from all over to destroy the area. Our folks don’t owe none of those businesses any loyalty what soever, they have made money off our kind for years. I don’t really condone the looting but it’s better than sitting back waiting on a not guilty verdict. Every person in america should be outraged if anyone is killed unjustly at the hands of an overzealous cop, hell you shooting an unarmed man 9 times for, I’m pretty sure they aren’t taught that at the academy. People going ham because that dude got sent home on a paid vacation and they haven’t given anyone any answers to anything. Hell we don’t even know the officers name….str8 bullsht burn Ferguson to the ground

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  • Joe Cool

    This city supposedly has a 60% African American population and they are underrepresented in the city government. The Mayor is white. He is an elected official. That can be changed by the voters. The mayor hires a police chief who hires police officers. The school board may or may not be elected but the Mayor and City Council are. Who’s fault is it they are all white? A white Democrat is still white.