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Raised in Jamaica Queens, New York, Focus The Truth recently spent two years recording/producing tracks and music videos in London, UK. His work is his play-spending his days and nights writing and performing music and watching music videos. The new generation of hip hop, at least for Focus, has produced a well-rounded intellectual who doesn’t just ride the conscious tip, contrary to what people may believe. At the end of the day, his poetic and technical rap just relays the truth.
Focus’s latest 17-song LP, “Berwick Road”, has created a major buzz among the hip-hop heads and music community. “Berwick Road” explores tales of London life and New York memories, nestled alongside odes to the odd night of excess.
With this as a blueprint ‘Trap Simmons’ sees the young MC challenge himself, using a double time flow as he spits social commentary fired by a night out in a club, exploring the male and female dating dynamic.

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