#FreshHeat: Bizzle – Dear Hip Hop

As a child, hip hop was the biggest influence on Bizzle’s life. And because it was so important to him, whatever hip hop said was wack, became wack and whatever hip hop said was dope, became dope. People have undermined the influence hip hop has on a generation. Bizzle has watched the drug deal go from the villan to the hero within a span of 15 years. So when his time came to sell drugs and pimp, it wasn’t such a bad thing anymore because it glorified and commonplace. Bizzle watched hip hop go from Queen Latifah saying “Who you callin’ a B!@#$” to years later hearing Trina say “I’m the baddest B!@#$” to later hearing Webbie and Boosie say “I Need a Bad B!@#$”. Now if you stand in the club you’ll hear the DJ shout “all my bad b!@#$es, scream!” and the  females co-operate and not be offended at all. From Bizzle’s perspective, hip hop is a tool being used to feed a generation poison. In this visual for the single “Dear Hip Hop” Bizzle vividly shares his story on how hip hop impacted him as a youngster and where is today.

Dear Hip Hop is from Bizzle’s upcoming album ‘The Good Fight’ featuring production almost entirely handled by Boi-1da which releases April 23rd, 2013.

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  • #TruthMusic

  • MAN Bizzle is the realist Artist out here and his skill set I’ll put up against anybody. Put more of his Hits up!

  • Corey Hodge

    this is dope!

  • Hot Song, need more!

  • Dramaless


  • Mr.Gray


  • That Real!

  • Damon Reed

    Hot, video should mos def Be on 106 and Park

  • leonard brown

    its bizzle all day!!!

  • Team GOM has the truest M.C.’s in the game right now! Lyrical skill over hot beats=HipHop!!! Too Bad most won’t know because they rep Christ…

  • Kt Din

    GodOverMoney up in dis! Bizzle opening the eyes of a lot of people who are asleep and don’t even know it. Mainstream hip-hop has been conformed to music for zombies. This song is a wake up call. iTunes and everywhere good music is sold, get this album, The Good Fight on 05/07/2013. This music is changing lives and leading folk to Christ… Or you can choose to stay sleep, listening to the trashy music pumped over the airwaves. Feed THAT to your kids and see where it leads them.

  • Bizzle bringin that truth music

  • #GOM All Day! Can’t wait till the 23rd!

  • Maryn_VWPS

    GOM! word to this music

  • disqus_DiouWezq6x

    We need more and more of Christ music that bizzle raps out there now than all that garbage that is out there today. I see and hear a lot of our youth being influenced and shape by all that non-sense thinking it’s okay to act how what the garbage music tells them what to do. I feel for the youth out there now that when I get more music from bizzle that I will give them the music I have so that they will hear and know what is real.

  • Awesome lyrics! Praying that this song, as well as all the GOM family’s music reach the masses. This song hits home to some many, as hip hop has taken over in a bad way. We have to all pray and work together to change the mindsets of all those influenced by the negativity of Hip Hop.

  • Dope video from a dope MC. Every rapper on GOM can spit flames, check their catalogue and see for yourself lol

  • Emory

    This is the realest hip hop song I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Frank

    Love Bizzle’s music!

  • Tighter than any secular artist out there!!! Team G.O.M. spits lyrical daggers!!!

  • yo this track reminds me of no malice’s new joint “smike and mirrors” where he addresses the same issue: hip-hop corrupting a generation, especially the youth that are so impressionable. a lotta people won’t rock with bizzle cuz they “can’t relate” to his Christain worldview, but they’ll bump music about poppin’ mollies and loading them choppers when they ain’t about that life either… all I’m saying is examine yourself. music is too powerful to just rock with whoever. look at the message and how it is affecting you as a person. grace and peace.

    • admcdow@gmail.com


  • Donnell Outlaw

    Great letter to Hip Hop.

  • So fresh to hear truth finally being spoken
    GOM>any other rapper

  • I’m just going to say this to whoever reads it… Whenever God takes hold of a guy and makes him a soldier like this dude Bizzle, you get behind him and don’t stand in his way. This dude is a problem for what you used to… I’m tellin’ you. And that’s a good thing!

  • Renaldo Wade

    Counting down the days. This is going to be a classic!

  • Charlie James

    Yay @ Team GOM!! Praise be to Jehovah!

  • Damien Ghenovese

    I agree with Biz about hip hop. It has corrupted the youth. It’s not rap that’s the problem, it’s what people have used it for. Rap is a talent, but the media is using it as a tool to promote garbage. Keep it up Biz.

  • admcdow@gmail.com

    This song speaks for me cuz I did 5 in da pen after the streets became like my mama while hip-hop was like a sorry, bad example of a daddy…I feel for the youngstaz who look up to fake rappers & are on a road like I was…I try to teach ’em but they listen to they “father” (hip-hop) & not The Father… Bless ’em, Lord

  • Justin Moran

    Best in the buisness, cant wait for the CD to drop!!!!!!

  • ‘swas up…. Nice!

  • Ralph Gehy

    Truth music over fake music all day. Tired of all the fakes lying to the masses to get rich off of them. We gotta do better! #GOM courtesy of GOD

  • Jonny OneoneSix Sherlock

    Real recognize real………… this boi real.Much love 2 ya bro 🙂 Glory 2 God fam!!!!

  • Maddawg1982

    Bizzle is the truth this is what we need to see in our community. This also shows that we can speak on something other than drugs and violence. #GodOverMoney

  • Jonathan Snell

    Realest Song I Ever Heard!!!

  • Bizzle,I like the way you do it for Christ.good job man…!

  • Ron Johns Jr.

    Song hits turbo hard, fo real fo real!

  • Darryl Jones Jr.

    Anticipating #Th3G00dF1GHT GOD OVER $$$$MONEY

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