G-UNIT “Nah I’m Talking Bout” Behind The Scenes [Vlog]

The reunion footage keeps rolling as G-Unit’s re-unification continues. Check the behind the scenes of G-Unit’s new video for Nah “I’m Talkin Bout,” as The Unit stunts and talks about getting back together as a group. Look for Tony Yayo talking about 50’s rise in NYC and the how the group feels.

  • Gully

    G stands for Gangsta, Unit stands for U niggas in trouble

  • Dreday410

    I think it will be best for the rap industry if The Game stays out of G unit because nigga’s won’t be able to profit of all this BS twerk music and bubble gum BS we been getting….No more for your rollie and same DJ Mustard beats being used Unit w/ Game will destroy other groups

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    It’s good to see them back but they should’ve left kidkid out of this