Game Feat. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Jeremih – All That (Lady)

  • Thenatural503

    As much as I don’t like Wayne this song is a smart and a hit. this will get played radio club and the strip club. I’m sure Games new CD will consist of a bunch of Wayne and Drake appearances to sell which will be sad but whatever makes that money.

  • GoNiners817

    FYI, this song is off Games last CD release…

  • Vinsanity

    Its a wrap, time to go back to strippin

  • Mr.CPT

    this shit is so late, but i guess he feel all my album went platinum so I drop it when I wont. lol. It’s funny how niggas be sleeping on ya boi and they don’t even know he worth 25 mill. And that all his Albums went platinum. OOh and not to mention he sold over 12 million records, 5 being on his first album. SMH DUMB ass people in this world!

    • R.I.P Ultimate Warrior

      All Game’s albums did not go platinum.

  • Darrien Williams

    yo having wayne part with no visual and was tacky and half of of fabs verse being on there as the song was goin off was tacky too, who idea was that, the song woulda been fine with game and sean and jerimih