German Hip Hop Star Joe Young speaks on working with Hip Hop’s Heavyweights

@GorillaJoeYoung has worked with some of Today’s Hip Hop Heavy Weights including Rick Ross and Game. Check out this interview with one of Germany’s rising Hip-Hop stars.
  • don king

    lol im from germany n i never heard of him, so why is the headline
    “German Hip Hop Star Joe Young “?
    no hate, hes just not big over here. but the german rap game is totally fucked up anyway. its never been worse.


    Wow! Working with THE FAKE RICK ROSS….. that’s supposed to be an ‘achievement’! That LAME Officer Ricky is THE BIGGEST JOKE & FRAUD in Hip Hop History! Them Germans must be ‘gullible’ to think that that ‘actor’ William Roberts is a ‘talent’ anywhere! GTFOH with that MAYCOCK ‘meek rapper’ LAME AZZ Bullsh*t!

  • Group

    Niggas Hating on Joe Young thats all