Gillie Da Kid Challenges Soulja Boy $1Million Fight

If you follow Gillie Da Kid and Soulja Boy on twitter then you know the two have been talking about a life who knows they might be about. Earlier today, Gillie got in contact with celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman to set up a one million dollar match. The winner walks away with $750K while the loser receives $250K. Gillie already moved forward and signed the contract, now it’s up to Soulja Boy.

  • I_AM_Houston

    soulja boy will never do this.

  • Super_Hero

    Beef got real corny after the 3rd youtube video. This is even cornier. real dudes as both claim don’t go back and forth on youtube or sign a fake boxing deal. real dudes handle it TOS. The more I think about it, I think its a publicity stunt from two rappers looking for publicity. They probably texting each other now laughing like two corny cb4 gangsters.

    • Killuminati

      You’re right. They both need this cuz they got no good music buzzin….lames

  • Jared

    My only question is who will be fronting the $1 Million for both of them

    • Jovaughn


  • Christopher Alleyne

    He didn’t even read the contract. Never sign a contract without reading it.

  • StackzScrilla

    The first thing i peep’d was Gillie extra ASHY 5 button up polo? Or is that a t shirt wit’ a collar on it? I can’t tell but either way, when your shirt is ashy and the collar wont lay down, its time to retire that joint.

  • I been saying for years if these rappers that beef can’t settle their differences why not get in the ring and wager some cash….that would weed out a lot of ya favorite wannabes and see who really bout them hands. No one has to die or be shot and you would probably respect the guy after the fight for having a lil heart….it would probably be career suicide for the loser but don’t talk sht and hide behind security. ….

    • I’ve told Chuck “Hip Hop Boxing” would be huge for AHH!

    • ZUBU

      Word bro……… no guns no death just nuts!……..Will the REAL rapper step up.

  • IROC

    This fight is only worthy of WSHH

  • Derrick Opurum

    Gillie must be bored as hell or something.

  • Southcidal

    If they making 1 mil, you can better believe the cracca is getting 10 mil.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Ni**as need to grow up. Just agree to disagree and go yo way. Shouldn’t even got this far. Just looks lame now.

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