Hip Hopular Opinion – Atlanta (Featuring No-Malice)

  • Mr.

    when u do a new orleans plz let me in on this plz

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       i cant believe he already hit my hometown #delaware lol 😉 side note the realist ish was said @ 16:40 😉

  • livinlife512

    i wish i wuz in that room when he said why is TUPAC the best WOW! how could u ask a stupid ass question like that? everyone of these niggas in the game claim to be tupac (but not in those words) he gets more quotes, hooks, stolen by any rapper i know, his personal appearance and swag is always taken or borrowed and never returned. plus they just cant let the man rest in peace smh. BUT THEYRE HAVING A GOOD!!!! ASS CONVERSATION THOUGH 

  • talkin bout some damn flatbush in atlanta, yall go to the hoods of atl and ask the youth why the south is on top, thats what hip hop is aint it the youth. Yall talkin bout the south aint got no lyrical content, yall aint never even heard of half the rappers we grew up on down here that do have lyrical content due to yall ignorin us all them years.

  • slumlord_vinny

    Great clip, hate I wasn’t there. 

  • Will Murphy III

    Would be nice to hear the opinions of people actually from Atlanta. Most of these niggas sound like they’re from NY and shit.

  • damien weekly

    I’m from the westside of chicago born and raised ,, I been listening to hip hop since i was born,,, I’m 30 years old.. I’ve gangbanged sold drugs and pretty much done it all,,, now a days its all about the beats. These so called garbage ass mc’s can put anything on a good beat and it sells which is fucked up. To me the best rappers of all time are Andre 3000, Ceelo Green, A-mafia, Uncle Murda, Papoose, Reed Dollaz, Beanie Segal, Lloyd Banks, Twista, Common, Psychodrama, D.A smarts, E.C ILLA, Crucial Conflict, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Ghostface, Curren$y,The LOX, Bun B, Playa Fly,Too Short, Wiz Khalifa, Mos Def, Ludacris, Big , Pac, Big L, Smoke from dtp,Daz Dillinger,The Clipse , These rappers hold it down they deliver a message from pretty much every aspect,,