Hip Hopular Opinion New York (Hosted by Juice The Comedian aka Ike Love…

The show is about Hip Hop’s popular opinion. The show is designed for people share their opinions on the subject. This particular episode of the show is set in Brooklyn, New York at VIP Kutz located on 77 Van Buren St. Check it out.

  • Man i am from new york city and i need to ask what the hell are they talking about? drunk talk is the worst.

  • Bwest

    dude odiously thinks that New York rappers are nice and everyone else is commercial but the bottom line is when really learn how to make songs – those underground rappers will get the recognition the deserve – Wu-tang figured it out – why cant Joel Ortiz –  the bottom line is most of them are not good enough to be solo artists – it takes a lot more than lyrics.

  • you bird as dudes they talking about lyric beats and hip hop

  • dude they didn’t promote bleek because it was all about jay.