Ice Cube – “Drop Girl” (feat. RedFoo & 2 Chainz)

This video is pure comedy. Yea its been a while since Ice Cube gave us something to step to, but hey – you gotta give the guy some credit he’s been busy pioneering movies getting paper on sequels and overseeing the new NWA movie with Dr. Dre.   On top of that, he’s coming with a classic video for this “Drop Girl” song featuring RedFoo (formerly of LMFAO) and none other than 2 Chainz. 

The visuals are hilarious and the song sounds like it’s the 2014 version of “We Be Clubbin” since so much Hip-Hop music is infused with dance and EDM music these days.   Def worth a good spin or two by the DJ and def worth a ton of laughs for the viewer.