Immortal Technique During Occupy Wall Street Protests

  • Immortal Technique is FIYAHHHHHH!

    Propz to I.T. & AHH for this $hyt!

    This is the first story that got me hyped on AHH’s new format!
    +1 for AHH & I.T. for this!

    p.s. I.T. ripped the freestyle!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I feel all these protests, but the banks have all the money. Megaphones, and crowds wont change that. Matter of fact, I bet you all the protesters have ATM cards, that they withdrew money from to get to the protest. Its good for drawing attention but the People with the Wealth They already one. That game is over. They know that, its just the other 90 percent of us who havent figured it out.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Unless youre going to go to a protest naked, everything you do, buy, create, consume, it all funnels up to the banks and government. Even if you put your money under a mattress, you had to buy the mattress and pay taxes on it, unless you pull one out the trash like ramo in beat street. These protests are about 2 hundred years late

    • You know how it goes!
      Fight the POWER?
      Yeah, okay , but can’t wipe Asses without the POWER cuz we don’t even make our own toilet paper.