Immortal Technique Talks Slavery & Freemasons

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  • Charter

    Good points. I still don’t trust them masons though. Don’t tell me about how you have uncles and cousins that are masons. That don’t mean sh*t. Read up on Albert Pike (33rd Degree Mason), his book “Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” flat out explains what Freemasonry is and is not and that the lower degrees are fooled into worshipping Lucifer as a bringer of knowledge (light) to men.

    Seriously, before you make a snap, emotion-based judgement/response just because you “know someone that’s a mason”, READ THE BOOK AND GET A BEARING ON FACTS.

    Freemasonry at its core is basically a masterful PR campaign to recast Lucifer (satan) as a “good guy” who “saved” Adam & Eve in Eden by sharing the knowledge (light) God was “unfairly” withholding.

    If you CHOOSE not to believe the words coming straight from the horse’s mouth, that’s on you.

    • Dope

      And what if we’re rational enough so we don’t believe god or Mr. Satan exist?

      • Charter

        Your spiritual beliefs are yours and yours alone. Freemasonry holds a “great architect of the universe” in high enough regard to include it as a point of study and ritual… I don’t believe it’s debatable that “great architect of the universe” isn’t synonymous or at the least a metaphor for “God”.

        And rationale has nothing to do with the belief in God. In fact, given you’ve never died, your stance is one of empty arrogance to insinuate, as fact, there is no God.

      • Dope

        All I’m saying is us atheists can not be afraid of any group of people just because the worship one or another entity when we do not believe those entities exist (on whose existance it is pointless to debate as I cannot prove they don’t exist, just like you can never prove they do – I simply chose to believe in what does exist in reality and not believe in anything more until it is proven to exist, while you choose to believe there is more to reality before you can prove there is)

      • TALK_BOSS

        The only question is who is GOD?? The Grand Architect or the god of this system of things?

    • brotha_man

      im a ancient free and accepted freemason and this is basically his opinion and yours. number 1 im very impressed u could read morals and dogma, not that im calling u an idiot, its just not easy reading, even masons and members of the scottish rite find it a little difficult. we do not worship the devil….there is too much to explain and this is not the panel to do it. its comical when outsiders say we worship the devil when everything we do has a religious influence/background… back on, morals and dogma u can read it all u want but only Freemasons will understand its true underlying message and outsiders will come to conclusions. i will say u are 100 percent wrong in ur assessment of free masonry..cant get knowledge from a book, it comes for within.
      ur on the right track but still way of the mark…..we never talk or worship the devil!

      if u want to learn more about masonry i suggest u read more than just on book. I recommend two books the builders- joseph fort newton (who was also an ordained minster) and Mystical christ- Manly p. hall

      • John Holladay

        So Mote It Be!!

      • brotha_man

        S.M.I.B, brother

  • Beast_Infection

    this brotha always kickin knowledge

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Where did “Knowledgeiswhatsup” go?

  • brotha_man

    he spitting knowledge but has no idea what he is talking about as it pertains to freemasonry.
    conspiracy theory sht

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