Jeezy drops the behind the scenes video for his new video “Me Ok” straight in the heart of Compton, CA. Jeezy’s Seen It All project drops September 20th.

  • Raki

    Jeezy got to do better Ross music is better then his right now

  • Brand Brand

    TO THE PERSON THAT POSTED THIS VIDEO: He is in Zone 4 on Campbellton Rd in SW Atlanta. Hes in the SWATS! The 1st dude talkin even said they are on Campbellton. Its my hood, I know i be there all the time. Thats JJs Rib Shack, thats my cousin restaurant and its been there since the civil rights era in the 60’s. Thats the real SOUTH WEST Atlanta. Its more hood that you done heard about.

    Im from The Swats, I live in Adamsville. I stomp on MLK Drive and Fariburn Rd. Thats how i know yall aint from the streets.The MARTA bus sign is in the background LOL. And it aint Compton bcuz i dont see any plam trees. I know my hood looks rugged like Compton in LA but its Campbellton, in Atl.Get some people on yall staff who atleast know a historic bbq joint like JJs, and can spot a landmark when they see it. Yall way off by 4,000 miles.