Jermaine Dupri and Jagged Edge Talk New Album, Contracts, Breaking Up and Touring

Charlamagne: Whats up man, where you guys been man, who got married? Who got all the kids?

We just been cooling man, you know just working, back with the family, Album number 8 man, we just want to let our fans that don’t know. We just dropped a new single called “Hope” and its going down….

Envy: You said y’all been coolin, you been cooling for a long time. It ain’t been a month or so.. man its been a long time. 

Charlamagne: Its aint been that log The Remedy was 2011

We’ve recorded like 12 songs in the last week man.

Charlamagne: Are you guys still under contract with So So Def?

Na we are out of that old contract and this is more like a partnership with Jermaine, and BMG/Primary ways. Its something that we’ve talked about for years and years and years sometimes the business doesn’t allow it, but  now that everyone is not tied down, we made a move and made it happen. .

Angela Yee: There was never a point when you brok eup though?

Noo noo noo.. noooo, we got in fights thoough….