Joe Budden Confronts Consequence During Hot 97 Interview

The Love & Hip-Hop star, Joe Budden, interrupts a Hot 97 interview with Consequence to clear the air on the “talk” Joe’s been hearing, check out what went down!

Here is what Cons said about Joe Budden in his Power 105 interview

  • Ha Haaaaaaa….My Nigga Joey!!!! Lol Joey Be Having That Calm Approach Which Really Is More Fearing Then That Rah Rah Shit Niggaz Do When They Try To Talk Tough…Cons Was Heemed up though lol

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Consequcne seem at bit worried ha ha! – and his white girl has a great figure, look like she was finna do a Don King – and jump over to Budden’s side tho.

  • Vexed Vader

    I think Joe handled that pretty well. Cons seemed a lil shook, but was ready. Cool heads prevailed. HIP-HOP

  • InTheNightKitchen

    See it’s not a good look for Cons, because he was doing too much talking so it makes him look like he was backpedaling. BUT, I don’t think he was though. I have to deal with quite a few situations like this, and I notice when you handle it the way Joe did it usually ends up in your favor. Though there are those times that ego get bruised and people feel they have something to prove, and blows get thrown lol. Looks like that acquaintance-ship is strained now lol

  • What up Jersey Joe!

  • $18592567

    Consequence is a hoe ass nigguh for this one… How u let Joe Buddens catch a dub on u??? What’s next Prodigy slaps a rapper???

    • King Flashy TheFirst

      Next we gonna see Young Berg beating somebody up on Worldstar

  • Jas1ne

    Fam! You shrunk big time!

  • Blaq_Boi

    hahaha where was all that “be clear who you dealing with” when Joey ass was in ya face?! hahahaha SlaughterHouse

  • Guest

    dang cons a straight lame. he talked so much his scaryness made the whole room awkward lol

  • dominicancoke

    Consequence said he will take a fade 5 minutes with any one yet hes back pedaling and shook infront of a ho ass nugga like joe who got a black eye from rayquans goon and put a frozen brocoli bag over his eye consequence u a b¡Tch

    • Richard Savage

      frozen broccoli bag lmao #DEAD that shit is soooooo true i forgot about that one lol

  • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown

    this dude a Gangsta on radio interviews…but his vag was squirting behind the scenes yikes….not a good look

  • Richard Savage

    You can tell Consequence and Kanye was cool at one time. They talk just alike. They both assholes. WOW that Kanye/Kim/Reggie Bush story makes ALOT of sense. Kanye was str8 hard up for Kim. I dont think Kanye cares if Con doesnt call to congradulate him on his baby though. Quence sounds super sensitive now though.

    He dont need to be scared of Budden though. Budden is constantly getting smacked up and checked ONLINE and he went INNNNN on Raqi lol

  • Richard Savage

    Joe approach him like a gangster, which he isnt cuz he never got at Ransom for coming to his house and slappin up his homeboy. Nor has he ever stepped to RaeKwon after Rae slapped him up but he had Consequence shook. Quence should’ve just said simple “i assumed you had a problem wit me so I addressed it the way I addressed it and if I was wrong then I apologize if not then it can go down right here in front of everybody” all that explaining like a kid to his parents wasnt necessary especially if you talkin to Joe Budden. The nigga was probably on that molly

  • tim

    Con talk too much.

  • Guest

    Jen got you gassed Consequence! backtracking and moonwalking like Michael Jackson

  • artman696

    Sound like he simpin big time. I dont even want to hear no mo of this h** shhh

  • Killer

    Yo on the real I was straight laughing! Joe was so calm and cons just seemed taken a back a bit. I doubt if he was scared but Joe laid it out straight no chaser!

  • Apollo Showtime


  • Opposite Of Everyone

    consequence is straight babbling from 2.00-4.00…