John John Thinks Lux vs Hollow Will Be “A Let Down”

  • Ionithus

    Interesting POV, We will see. I’ll be looking forward to watching it. Some others seem to have lost a little umf. Writer’s block. Everybody gets it.

  • Elayorx El

    I must say, since John John hit the scene, his body of battles, has been quite impressive. However, I think a battle with Hollow, and anybody, especially John John, would be a break from the norm. Battle MC’s study eachother, and with Hollow that has been no exception, so it may seem like Hollow has been lackluster, when it’s really other cats “borrowing”, and then what was interesting before, could seem “wack” now. I would pay to see Lux bring it back to that legendary Mook battle. Again, that style was so infectious, that it seemed Lux had to do something different, but it would be awesome to see one of the “originators” take it back for a battle.