Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z ‘Suit & Tie’ [Official Video]

  • Wackest Jay-Z verse ever..seriously!

  • Oknas

    Replace Jay-Z with Andre 3000

  • Million Mercy

    Hov verse was dope,–….and JT murdered this…!!! Andre 3K is gr8 with his lyrical ability with metaphor cadences and couplets but this dont match his swag, I mean we dont even know this guy for wearing suits, and in fact his style so Odd/wierd not everyone would follow his fashion sense on what Suit and Ties to cop..In fact he’s gives me ideas on what not to wear….Hov is known for wearing suits and has enough star power to make folks who dont normally wear them want to start wearing them, and feel good doing it…Job Well Done!! Nice song