Katt Williams to Kevin Hart: “You Don’t Want It Boi Boi!”

Katt Williams sat down with Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, where he shared his thoughts on his career and Kevin Hart taking the reins as the biggest comedian after Katt took a break from doing stand-up. The famed comedian says he understood that someone could step in his place, but claims that he “told Kevin Hart’s people how to make him Kevin Hart.”

“I don’t mind competition, I’m really the greatest of all time. I can build you to fight me boi boi, you don’t want it boi boi. And then he stopped doing stand up and became a television personality,” Katt said

He then speaks about “creating the BET Hip-Hop Awards,” and addresses rumors that he lost a dance competition to T-Pain so had to forfeit hosting duties in 2008. Whle Katt didn’t really comment on the situation, he says he’s not going to throw shade at the competition and is going to support what they’re doing.

When asked if he would ever attend the awards show, Katt says not as long as Stephen Hill is president of the network.


  • B.U.

    I like Katt and I root for him but dissin’ Kevin makes him look bitter and shook. Kevin been grindin from the soil too, he just didn’t take his eye off the ball like Katt.

    • wiseone777

      Yea, you right. He didn’t take his eye off the Ball’s in his Jaws!

      • B.U.

        No more than any other successful comedian has. Eddie, Martin, Rock, Bernie, AND Katt have all done the Hollywood run. Katt just couldn’t stop treatin his nose.

      • Phatt Killah

        Sounds bout right. Cats STAY hatin on K Hart. smh

      • B.U.

        For no reason, too. SMH

  • Montezuma1

    Battle of the 4 footers.

    • Frank

      OH-ho-ho shit! lmao

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  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    Katt got shit kevin don’t got tho. Kevin’s humble and don’t do drugs from what I see!

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  • El Dogga

    Ok…..this would’ve been ALOT better if he made a joke! He just sounds old, bitter and washed! No-one likes a hater…..