Kendrick Lamar – Sing About Me (Official Video)

  • $18916246

    He we ago another latent “EGO”song….in alot of these rappers sick minds dying is associated we being the next best mc? Live Kendrick live…we all get our turn…death is promised guaranteed….warrantied and promised by GOD.

    • Andy

      “Warrantied and promised by GOD”. LOL

      • $18916246

        Since my reply, “DEATH” as we know it has come to HIP-HOP in it’s usual round of three’s (3’s). I said promised….and yall doubting like that changes things,…spiritually deficient minds..fear what you can’t corrupt…again death of the flesh is promised….keep on ke,ke,ke-ing…ain’t nothin funny tho.

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Just saw the whole kendrick Sing about me song video before trying to watch this R.Kelly crap of a video and 2 seconds into it i turned it off. It all happened not intentionally too. It shows and say a lot about mind frames and state of mind. Is it growth or i’m just tired of crap. I don’t understand how people with fame and money put things out with ought a positive message. K.Dot’s video clearly has a message he’s trying to convey and he’s not even 30yrs old yet here is R. Kelly, very well established with money, power and all the fame in the world not to forget maturity, but i find no message in his video art form or whatever he call this.

    Would love to hear opinions after watching both Videos in the same sequence or the other way around thanks

    • dehova

      Not justifying Kells but this guy been a “star” for as long as I can remember, over 20 years now? He’s so far removed from the reality most of us live. Although he some how got off, let’s not for get what he’s infamous for. That shows how f***ed up son is

  • Dubz

    Pretty dope video.