Kendrick Lamar talks with Big Boy about “Control” & New Album

  • Global_Mission

    I feel what Kendrick is saying bc that’s how i took it. Most people took the King of the New York on its surface and ran with it. He said ” I’m Machiavelli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York” well we all know that those are the names synonymous to Biggie and Pac. Then he says “King of the Coasts, one hand, I juggle them both” meaning to me that he embodies them both. Like their legacy of what they brought to the game is apart of him. People just jumped on the King of New York and we got a whole bunch of people that didn’t matter trying to get their fame up. Just my opinion, but feel free to disagree.

    • Celz

      You right.. But he had to know shots was comin.. I feel like the whole verse was to create some controversy that’s really Hip-Hop.. Not Kanye and 50 arguin over sales, and other ignorant shyt.. It was good to get some controversy that was authentic.. So he was gettin his name going viral and whoever has enough bars to get in the limelight could get some free shine too..

    • Inmadopuroz

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  • howwedoit

    Poor Kendrick, he sounds tired and stressed, this industry is no joke.Hearing Puffy tried him on some disrespect. smh Crazy part is, he probably hasn’t even seen any real money yet, this is his first album., depends on the contract. Most artists get the fame before the fortune, especially on the 1st album.

    • Inmadopuroz

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