Kenn Retro – “Do My Thing”

Chicago, home of some of entertainment’s most gifted and vibrant superstars also gave birth to the rising rap phenomenon known as Kenn Retro. Kenn Retro is an emcee with a heart of a rapper. He is a lyricist who paints portraits with his words. This burgeoning MC has the lyrical poise to put him on par with some of the greatest of MC’s around. Kenn Retro is solidifying his spot as one of the best to emerge out of Chi Town. Compelled by the likes of Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Common, Mos Def, Wu-Tang, Redman, Notorious BIG and Lupe Fiasco., Kenn Retro breathes life into the mic and he writes about real life experiences.Be on the look out for his album entitled “The Id, Ego and Superego.”

Video: @KennRetro – “Do My Thing”