Kevin Durant and James Harden Explain Their Passion for Rap to DJ Skee

  • Southcidal

    Every DJ is white now huh? Daaaamnnn!!! They took our shiit and ran with it. Once they realized that you could get paid to go clubbin it was over. Now they judge the DJ contest. That shit cray!!

    • No, your dumb racist *** is CRAY CRAY.  There have been white HHHs since HH began.  In fact, as soon as Flash got a LITTLE bit of fame when he first started djing, everybody started to mess with it.  Oh, yeah, and last time I heard, the most famous DJ in Hip-Hop, Funkmaster Flex, is BLACK.  I guess he’s probably just bitter that the best DJ is probably some white dude from Canada.   GET GLOBAL OR GET NOTHIN’.

      • Southcidal

        Nah homie, hip hop was 30 years in when yall started “colonizing”. I only knew of the Beasties for the first 20 years or so.I’m just joking dog.  Really dude I was tripping. Music, like all of the arts is for everybody. I feel bad for saying what I said earlier. I’m just an old head that has to get used to a new day, like a Afro-Amer in the oval office huh?

  • This is DJing now?