Kutt Calhoun Ft. Tech N9ne “I Been Dope”

Tech N9ne’s new artist Kutt Calhoun official video “Been Dope” can been seen below! Kutt Calhoun new album Black Gold is in stores today!

  • Bernard Davis

    Strange!!!!!!!!!!!!! All day all night. Abu Dhabi.

  • compellingrebellion

    yall fuckin up, spelled n9ne wrong and said kuttis a new artist, hes been on strange for many fortnights

  • Andrew Reardon

    *Tech N9ne and Kutt Calhoun is not his new artist he’s been with Tech and SM for 10+ years.

  • brotha_man

    im bout to cop me an adidas suit, the red one

  • Enso Sinatra

    yall need to revise that description.. first of all spell tech’s name right… plus Kutt Calhoun been Strange since the start… KC all day

  • Chris Strange

    who ever posted the video on here needs to learn how to spell 9ine u fail bro its N9NE get it right

  • anemia716

    Wow, horrible. How does a site dedicated to hip-hop, supposedly, get two CRUCIAL pieces of information wrong?

    On a different not, this song is tight. Love the back and forth.

  • TruthSerum

    Dope video but as others have said next time fact check yourselves. Still all peace for showing Tech & Kutt love tho

  • Quentin Bryant

    Learn your hip hop ,all hip hop, Kutt ain’t nowhere near new STRANNNNNNNNGE MUZICK.