Lord Jamar & Star Issue Stern Warning to Yelawolf

via @djvip510

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  • Phatt Killah

    These cats is WHACK!! ESPECIALLY the sidekick sucka

  • Elayorx El

    Aight, I just had to comment on this one. Star, you still certified crazy/genius, and are truly missed on NY radio. Lord J, you represent the God-like MC that had to be eradicated, in order for the F’ery called NY radio to be able to exist now. So sad, and yes, so on point about the outright, wanton racism that has always existed, but now has a new gateway, in the form of these rappers claiming to have love for this. Imagine, a beast knowing it’s a beast, and bragging about it’s bestiality? Some of this may be extremely graphic for those who may not be aware, but please know that it is the sad truth.

  • beezy

    Can’t front, it is kind of sad to hear Lord Jamar talking like some primitive, hothead teenager. He is 40+, talking all that nonsense.

  • thereverend510

    these niggaz is high off that white….lmao why blood keep moving so much with the weird facial expressions!!!

    • Leon “The professional”

      He is a drunk. A failed recovering drunk.
      He has stated this many times

  • Renegade

    I respect Lord Jamar but Star is a hoe ass nigga FOH cokehead.

  • ZUBU

    I agree with Lord Jamar, when he said he would never diss the pioneers of rap even if he didn’t agree with them. This Yellboy telling the God to stfu. I think thats where he f’ed up. Then he gonna invite the God to come to his show so what he can get lynched by that dudes inbred fans?. I say meet in a nuetral site and shoot the fair one. Let the best man win. All of callinng the God N-words and wanting to lynch him, etc. that just shows ignorance.