Lord Jamar’s Confused Over Kanye’s Yeezus Tour

  • Eric Collapsar

    This is why the God’s are needed in HIPHOP. Continue dropping that Knowledge.

  • Youngblood Priest

    Kanye = Walking Contra-dick-tion

  • Negro Peligro

    I think the whole point is if WHITE PEOPLE CAN SAY THE N WORD. Kanye can wear their symbols of hatred.

    I still say Musically he’s the biggest influence on hiphop in the last 13 years. I’m talking TAKE OVER year after year after year. BUT REBEL FLAGS. You set us back like that.

    I don’t care about no WHITE JESUS. He wasn’t white he wasn’t black. I hate Moors and the DREAM OF BLACK color to Jews and people of middle eastern descent. LOOK IT UP. Hitler was a moorish jew. Moors are black and could also be blond. Go to egypt look at the children. Go to Algeria look at the people. YOU SOME SERIOUS FORM OF STUPID IF YOU BELIEVE IN MOORISH TEACHINGS OR THAT JESUS WAS BLACK. Look @ sheeps wool. That don’t tell you nothing. If its sheered yes it looks like a wool black man if its long doesn’t. I don’t know many full blooded black men when their hair gets long like when a sheep hair gets long looks like that.

  • $18916246

    Kanye is into shock value..then he gets mad when the media calls him on it….Kanye with all his passions and or contributions in society is not a community leader. I don’t look up to Kanye he’s a HIP-HOP entertainer/producer slash socialite that’s it….remember Kanye’s objective is shock and awe…attention simply put…if you keep that in mind..He’s harmless.