Lupe Fiasco Speaks on His Relationship With Kanye & Jay Z

Lupe Fiasco sits down with SkeeTV  and talks about almost signing with Jayz in 2002.

He also speaks about his connection with Kanye West. 


“I didn’t even wanna do  Touch The Sky” ;  Witch was the 4th single off  Kanye’s 3rd LP Late Registration. 



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  • ihatehater

    Enough with you and your story on Hov. Get off his nutz bruh. Damn!

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  • Ihadtocommentonthis

    He is one of my favorites but when he speaks he confuses the hell out of me. We will never know who he is. He likes it that way.

  • EbonyLolita

    Who does the editing here? It should be “Which was the 4th…..”