Lux Thinks Hollow Could’ve Used Calicoe’s Dad Better

  • LaurynHernandex

    HOLLOW IS A LOST N(WORD) Calico daddy came from jail to be a rap prop. That is sad.

  • $18916246

    LUX sent Hallo packing…..LUX delivery was masterful…Hallow was on some…”BE EASY ON ME LUX” Suggesting to the crowd that intelligence is not welcome in a battle rhymer. LUX is a true battle rhymer..Hallow shit based on common battle trend of mimicking common rhyme cadence and memorizing corny comeback lines. LUX is poetry devotion…never just simple word play or just a play on words.

    • dre edwards

      cosign 100% lux killed him worse then he did calicoe imo