Lyfe Jennings “College”

  • John Q. Public

    Lucid is a good album but im not big on this song as a single. Lyfe the realist R&B artist in the game tho

  • $18916246

    Lyfe has lost his formula..seen dude twice, once at the APOLLO, and another time at B.B.KINGS…that 1st cd LYFE 268-192…was it…now he sounds recycled. Let’s gets back to “REAL LYFE” R&B songs, CRY, GREEDY, THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT YOU, Oh and….IT MUST BE NICE. LYFE your fans are awaiting the next chapter of you bruh…not these jingle singles “TREAT HER LIKE COLLEGE”? I get your point, but nope..just nope.

    • John Q. Public

      Those songs are dope. I personally like the “Lyfe Change” album the best. if u like the songs u listed u would prolly like that album as well. KEEP ON DREAMIN, WARRIORS, WILD WILD WILD, MIDNIGHT TRAIN, HMMM, and WILL I EVER are some of his best songs on that album.
      His last album was weak compared to prior work but I support. Big Lyfe fan.

  • Christopher John Crawford

    I like this

  • Celz

    Hot shyt need more of this