Master P aka. “Versace Slim” Making of the Video “Two-Three”

Master P aka. “Versace Slim” ft. Rick Ross “Two-Three” Behind The Scenes,
Making of the Music Video. The Boss of all Bosses showing the world why he
still got it as he lights up the streets again, with the hottest single in
the country.  His Twenty Three Exotic Cars. The Ice Cream man is more relevant than ever, as his new Album “THE GIFT” floods the streets, with nothing but instant classics. His Fan’s get younger his fashion is Versace, and he is the Michael Jordan of Hip Hop. He is showing us that there is No Limit to Success when you work hard. He lives in the gym or should I say Studio. Two Three …Swish

  • musicbusiness advisors

    Got 23 cars & NOT ONE HIT! Always WAS Garbage, NOW it’s like Garbage 20 years warmed over! WHO cares how much you made, can’t GIVE AWAY that new ‘music’…… Sending a HORRIBLE message to the Youth, thinking ‘material things’ are more important than knowledge, doing good work & making THIS a better world! MANDELA. Now THAT’S an impressive man.