Master P aka. “Versace Slim” Rocks Dallas! The GIFT Album is blowing up worldwide and the Ice Cream Man take his show on the road as he makes a movie in Dallas, TX with DJ Bay Bay. Master P’s fans get younger as The Boss of All Bosses delivers a mega show. He gets the crowd hype with “Make’em Say Ughh”, “Two Three” and he closed out the show with the super classic hit “Miss My Homies”. Master P Live in Concert is not your average show, it’s an up close and personal experience of a lifetime. THE GIFT TOUR is coming to a city near you.

  • musicbusiness advisors

    More like ‘Versace DIM’ as these kids must be DESPERATE to consider this 44 year old ‘rapper’ as ‘entertainment’, with his tales of crack dealing, focus on material things over education, & the brillant inspirational message of ‘Ughh’…… articulate?! Let’s celebrate real heroes like Mandela, not Percy pushing that WACK RAP & unmusical ‘noise’ to today’s next generation!

    • Rich Alpo Martinezlpb

      Shut up faggot y even post on HEre if u don’t LIKE master P if u not about that life of course u would not like this music

      • Shut yo clown ass up lil nigga! Change yo name from Alpo talking that dumb shit. Mfs can look at that shirt you wearing and yo dumb ass face and tell you ain’t no gangster. None spelling muthafucka!

    • $18916246

      Master P is a good dude…..and HERO in HIP-HOP!…GOD BLESS MASTER P!