Percy Miller aka Master P is not only a music mogul and former NBA Player
 but also a basketball coach that has dedicated over twelve years of his
 life to help train and educate young men for college and a professional
 career. He formed a basketball program called P. Miller Ballers aka PMB, which is one of the most winning organizations today when it comes to youth

Currently, the P. Miller Ballers hold the title to the best 6th grade team 
in the country; Shemar Morrow as a sixth grader is ranked the #1 forward in
 the country. He’s 6’2 and a lefty, breaking the middle school record by scoring 53 points in the game. This young man has a bright future 
and he could be the next future NBA star. He can score, dribble, pass, and even dunk as a sixth grader. He has earned the nickname “Baby Lebron” but this kid is a phenom in his own way.



Shemar is on the rise in the basketball world. He is mentored and coached by Master P, so he understands the importance of hard work and education. Shemar is already being recruited by high schools and colleges across the country. At such a young age with a long way to go, sports analysts are already calling Shemar “The Chosen One”.
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