Master P Doing First Hip-Hop Visual Album

Master P makes history with the first Hip Hop Visual Album and he does it in New Orleans, Creole Culture style with the Indians.


Master P makes history by being the first Hip Hop artist to release a Visual Album. The Platinum “Gift Album” hits iTunes January 21st. With the traditional era of listening to music evolving into visual music, fans can now see the music on their smartphones, iPods, tablets and computers. Master P takes it back to his roots in his hometown New Orleans creating a movie visual of his music, adding Tribal Indian flavor. The colonel suits up in the authentic Big Chief Indian ensemble, custom handmade bead by bead, stitch by stitch, New Orleans style. Master P gives the world a take of “It’s a Jungle Out Here” with 17 other bangers, where fans can go to ITunes and See The Music Now.


BTS VIDEO of Master P “It’s A Jungle Out Here”


Master P says, “Beyonce opened the doors with an R&B Visual Album.” Now he takes it to another level by interacting with his fans on his 18 track See The Music Now Platinum Gift Album.  Master P and video producer Hollywood HAK have created every song with its own mini movie.  P understands the importance of satisfying his long time fans while thinking out of the box and reinventing himself gaining a new fan base.