Mike Will Made It – 23 feat. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & Miley Cyrus

  • junj03

    Song is Mehhh!!!
    Nothing crazy, Miley is miley. Think she looks “sexy” but she actually isn’t.
    rapping thing is a NO NO for her.
    Wiz same flow and talking about weed like always and juicy same stripper lyrics.
    Beat is the best part of the song.

  • Chris

    Just stealin’ Rihanna’s whole style, bruh. SMH. By the way, this joint is ashy butt cheeks.

  • Allhiphop is been order to report on this super white crack MILEY too? Damn. The Jews might be trying to force her on blacks like they did Thicke and Timberlake and Eminem, but this girl is too white. These Uncle Tom entertainers need to leave it alone too. They are too stupid to realize that they are helping to put themselves out of a job! In the near future, the only job in hip-hop a black man will be able to get is a hype man for a white rapper!

    • Splatter

      ignorant comment of the year award…you real close to winning. Can’t say too much of your opinions on Miley but you hating on JT? can’t deny that guys talent and music.

      • Jason Omar Battles

        JT is a cheap white imitation of MJ and Usher

      • Splatter

        lol aight man.

      • I CAN deny it. He started out singing country music – his first love. He is an example of a countrfied white boy who was repackaged with rappers, and Trojan Horsed into the black world. The end goal is to get blacks out of our shit and replace it with whites and white type mulattoes. If is a race war combine with economic war. This is why you are required to learn history in school.

  • Splatter

    I have never seen Wiz wear Jordans ever. and i think its a poor business move to do a song and vid like this after signing a deal to design converse all stars…Miley got that movie make up on, id still put it in her.


    Miley got some dark meat, you can tell. She remind me of one of those smut white chicks from the hood.

  • Synista

    I wonder what Micheal jordan and nike think about this??

  • MrNoName2K

    Id smash Miley…f*ck what yall heard and tha streets is sayin lol..its just that her body is so damn slack mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyne