Mystikal feat. Birdman, Jae Millz and Detail – “One Night”

  • nastinupe

    Mystical sounds stupid now. It’s just not the same anymore. It’s over.

    • Sean Peterson

      yeah u crazy nigguh,lol

  • Haha mystikal goes off

  • hoeyuno

    Mystikal still got it. How do you follow the mans verse though ha ha

  • fag

    t r a s h

  • Sean Peterson

    yoooooo mystikal killed that ishhh,,,this nigguh still got it minus the other nigguhs this ish is fire,,,,just what ymcmb needed a real niguhh….

  • brotha_man

    reminds of the mo money mo problems vid

  • brotha_man

    mystikal bout to kill the game

  • brotha_man

    j millz looks like ness….irony