Nelly Doesn’t Like People Picking Drake Apart

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    if we were talking 3stacks he prob would have a different response LOL …. but i tell you what yeah 800k people brought it the first week … but to say just cause people brought MEANS they liked it … thats not an accurate way to look @ it … people buy ish all the time … dont mean after they bought they didnt find out THAT HEY I DONT LIKE THIS ISH …. i know personally a few people that got that album and didnt like it because it had too much singing on it … or they just didnt like it … or there were other albums that came out that hold thier interest more ……. we shall see the impact on the next go round thats the true test … if people will show up for the next project … i know i havent brought anything sincle Take Care and its simply cause im a RAP/HIP HOP head thats what im looking for and that cd showed me drake is more RNB than RAP … but dont get me wrong when hes on his RAP ish hes one point one of the best …. but when hes NOT he def is NOT lol …….. waiting for the day Drake announces an 100% rap album and thatll be the next time i get his album … no disrespect just not my cup of tea …….