Nicki Minaj “Looking Ass N*gga”

Nicki new single/video, “Lookin Ass N!gga,” is one of the tracks on the upcoming Young Money compilation album coming out on March 11th and Nicki puts them boyz in check on this video.


  • spitting N word so easylly
    bish got no talent to touch me lyrically
    hers face like a lil kim
    she cant even jump above the rim

  • Rhino Black

    She’s not saying n@gga enough…..

  • We accepted her with all the Barbie bullshit, now that she made her money, it’s time to stop with the gimmicks…..Niciki is a grown ass woman and it’s safe o say that she is not doing it for the money, they really thought that this bullshit is acceptable….It’s time to start a petition. We demand change