Nicki Minaj Storms Off The Set Of American Idol

  • Okay this happened a month ago when it was taped…So the fact that this is not a live show effects how much we care…It’s obviously all for ratings, these judges get paid millions to act crazy, if it was really that bad then they would reject the offer like they normally do.

  • I love how the site is TMZ.20 just love all the female gossip news. I want zero hiphop news and strictly bitch news. illseed aka illperez hilton.

  • Blue Skies

    The media is so sick! I wonder why they didnt show Mariah and Randy’s response to the singer. Maybe they were picking the singer apart. Nicki commented on it, which she has a right to do, and Mariah took it the wrong way.

    • So_Subby

      This is only the recap, there are the full audition on other sites, the judges was trying to get a better understanding of who she was as a singer, Nikki took it out of context. No harm was done at all

  • Tha High Priestess™✨

    Nicki Minaj is a F’n Brat…I cant stand looking at her face on my HD TV. The amount of makeup she wears ( which is 3 shades lighter) scares me..and Mariah is going to put me to sleep.

  • How can you be upset at someone else’s criticsm of someone else? They all voted yes for this girl. Judging is the job title… Nicki go sit down!

  • brotha_man

    she needs to read “the Bluest eyes by Toni Morrison”