NiteCap: Rick Ross Talks Magic City Role “Butterball”, Django, Spike Lee & Possible Book

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    book titled “fake shots ‘cus I’m scerrred”

  • disqus_jIy9I98fUQ

    the imatation of life/ is the title
    buy now 90% of proceeds go to GD savings fund

  • disqus_jIy9I98fUQ

    boy 50 is laughing at your fat ass,i new this day would come lmaof
    u scarred to death and your doing a book to pay
    even tho only 79% of books from half ass rappers dont sell
    oh in by the way 50cent has sold more book to date more than any rap act and has had several best seller listings

  • Hector G

    a book about being a fake gangsta rapper???!!! cop that

    • Hector G

      ahahahaha thats the second fake platinum plaque i’ve seen lately from fakers. first it was the fake platinum plaque on nicki minaj’s trash album that barely went gold now ross is bustin out platinum plaques for albums of his that are only certified gold….these guys just never stop frontin….sorry bud you’ll never go plat….let alone x10 like fif…lmfao

      • infinit221

        Its platinum dumb dumb…stop making yourself look stupid

      • Eny Daboss

        i didnt see the riaa deny it so who yhu working for ,ooo yhu a hoe ??? who yhu twerking for, all these ish are certified stop being dumb, you want to shit on rih 100 million albums selling too?

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    His been living the lie for so long he actually believes them now

  • Eny Daboss

    good interview rozay niqqas love to hate but aint do shit wit their or love sucking a dry snitch ….. niqqa didnt got shot 9 times for ntn he got shots cause he was exposing big names in his songs … o wait ross doing the same ??? so yea if you hate on ross you hate on 50 one was an informant the other a Cop wit no guns no badge and didnt put nobody in jail….do your math before postin

  • brotha_man

    I would be very interested in a book about corrections in Miami, call it “restorative justice”

  • Guest

    the bawse shut me down.allhiphop won’t let me diss him

  • Synista

    Only book Rick FAWLSE is gonna write is a cookbook for chicken and ribs.