“No Regrets” A Short Film From Green Label and Joey Bada$$

Complex.com just premiered  Rik Cordero’s new short film “No Regrets.” Rik Cordero is a legend in the visual music business and displayed a great concept in this short film. Joey Bada$$ is portrayed as an older version of himself in 2062 and travels 50 years in the past to view how his life unfolded in 2012. This time travel aspect of life is something we all wish we had access to to see if we make the right decision in life. This gave a look at Joey’s love life, which prevailed over his music career in this alternate future. A very original look at the question I’m sure a million other MCs have asked … “Am I doing the right thing pursuing a rap career?”



Well for Joey Bada$$ we pretty much can see the future is bright for him with out this short film but, I like the introspective look at that question and how Rik visualized this film. Scored by Statik Selktah, this is a cool look at answer the question “Did I do the right thing?”