Nore On Maino & Trinidad James: “I’m With Maino”

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  • Elayorx El

    My man N.O.R.E. for life! Legend in the game, and conducted a quality interview here about the status quo in NY. I swear though, our issues stem from a divide and conquer, common denominator. That is what sparked the “East/West beef”, and it has not gone away since. Mos Def had a line on his first solo release, where he was talking in the beginning, and I’ll paraquote here. It went something like, “if you wanna know where Hip-Hop is going, ask yourself, where am I going”? Or something like that, and Hip-Hop now is just a microcosmic example of what is going on worldwide. More beef, more divide and conquer, and more greed! Hip-Hop needs to set a worldwide example, like probably nothing else can.

  • dopefiendmuzik

    Yiup… N.O.R.E kept it 100

  • ShaStud