• It’s his flow that sets this over the top! Like a summer day and a glass of sweet tea!

  • This is crazy! I have never seen an Emcee produce a verse and a track so hot! I’m impressed!

  • Snow Michelle

    I’m always inspired by the groove, originality, flow and authenticity of Ohene Savant. What I enjoy most is his clear and apparent enthusiasm for original concepts. His mature style of a fly dress-suit, chillin in a studio and home-theater while preparing for a world-wide video.

    OK…did anyone catch how smooth he beat that tamborine??? Can you say “love it”! Oh…and let’s not forget my favorite when he is putting on that grisly face and humping his shoulders while bangin’ out masterful beats on that keyboard! OMG…I can watch and listen to Ohene Savant ALL DAY!

    So excited to see his growth in music. He’s no rooky! This is not an overnight sensation but years of grind, love, hits and misses. Ohene is a classic example of ‘Follow Your Passion”. Thank you for sticking with your dream.

    Can’t wait to see comments from world-writer “Thomasena Farrar”. Stay faithful Ohene, you smile and the whole world smiles with you!

    Michelle Snow

  • The understanding of history and the progression of music is evident. This more than just covering a song by a popular artist (or in this case, record label) to siphon the fanbase. This is a demonstration of an intimate knowledge of what made the Classic Motown Era both high in aesthetic value and highly accessible. Don’t miss this moment. Don’t just lean back in your chair, smile slightly, and say “that was hot.” Give a close reading to the simple complexity that went into this production.