Opening Act Fraud On Facebook Targeting Independent Artists Warning

DJ Smallz warns independent artists about opening act fraud on Facebook, a practice that has been going on recently for over a year or so using Green Dot prepaid card‎ transactions. Watch the video above for a list of warning signs and an exemplary scenario in which this may take place.

Spread this video and help out save another independent artist from falling victim to this scheme.

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    look out for a company name 721productions too who run the same scheme they put on legit shows but use those shows to get artist to participate in a tour that cost big money but thats the cheese there is no tour @ that point they will take your money in run … hopefully they still arent out there but if you here the name i wouldnt do business with them

  • Kevin Anthony

    Shady. Kevin Anthony-21 on soundcloud

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  • Alex Luchi Delhomme

    Yo smallz i appreciated videos like this showing that we all in this shit together one way or the other. Good look! how can i send you some music to get ya opinion on or just look up CASINO LUCHI on google or soundcloud. Later dog!