N48H Nelly Teaser 1

What Nelly Said About Kobe AFTER The First Take Cameras Were Off! (Next 48 Hours With Nelly Teaser #1)

Follow Hip-Hop star Nelly during the album release week of his seventh album “M.O.” Nelly’s busy schedule has him traveling throughout New York City and Connecticut and we document the whole process as he promotes his new album. In this first teaser, Nelly is on ESPN’s First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Cari Champion and our… Read more »


Make Em Say Ughh ,Energy Drink, Master P

Make Em Say Ughh Energy Drink

Make Em Say Ughh! Gets Energized With 2013-2014 Campaign! The energy drink brand “MAKE EM SAY UGHH!” is getting a lot of nationwide attention lately with their 2013 campaign: New Tv Spots, City to City Music Tour, Nationwide Distribution Deal, Clothing Line and More. The energy drink brand is also a sponsor of a number of charity… Read more »