Papoose: “Facts, Lyrically Jay Z Is Not on My Level”


    • johnblacksad


  • Raheem Classick

    (Papoose: “Facts, Lyrically Jay Z Is Not on My Level) Papoose keep saying
    this shit every Day, Week, Month, & Year, We don’t wanna hear that
    shit no more, So stop using other artist names to get noticed, Now go
    make some money with your so called Superior Rap Skills.

  • Ronald Tregan

    I like Pap but he needs to shut his ole 10+ years in the game 1 album and 30 mixtape havin ass up for once

  • Terrance

    The thing with them both IMO… Pap IS a Superior Lyricist as per what we have heard, yes. However, Jay understands how to create HIT RECORDS! So at that point I must say… If you’re not in it to make HIT RECORDS, what are you in it for? Also, let’s not forget Jay is actually a BETTER lyricist than he shows us. He has already confessed to watering down his lyrics to MEET THE BOTTOM LINE. (AND IT HAS WORKED IN JAY’S FAVOR).

    I genuinely would like to see Pap make a HIT RECORD and show off his writing skills as a WHOLE. There are MANY dudes in the game right now that cannot hold a candle to Pap but are filthy rich off of making records that meet the BOTTOM LINE… SALES!!!


    • Judah Nazayar


      • Terrance


      • t1m3b0mb

        I agree with you people sleep on pap and never even listened to dude he got too many records that shit on a jay-z verse you named some and I wanna add the wire “george bush passed a law since 9/11 they can tap anybody phone pay attention its called the patriot act take if from pap gq on the track I’m just stating the facts” shit even remy got slept on that shesus kryst she was tearing up classic beats “you aint fire bitch you ain’t popping you a burning sanitation truck you hot garbage” let em sleep tho their loss

      • Terrance

        That’s right! Remy got bars too…


    • Terrance

      Tell me a record where Jay is remotely close to “Alphabetical Slaughter” or show me where Jay drops more jewels than “Law Library”? That said, I STILL like Jay BETTER and by FAR… I’ll wait for an answer tho…

      • johnblacksad

        Alphabetical Slaughter is good, it’s a fun rap exercise… but the whole theme is cheesy… reminds me of when you start kicking rhymes and you’re looking for things to say… Jay too busy speaking from the heart, from experience, about actual stuff

        If anything I like Masta Ace’s Alphabet Soup way better… much more simple and efficient

      • Terrance

        I think you just c/s’d one of my points.

        The song IS a FUN RAP EXERCISE. Plus, if it reminds you of FREESTYLIN’… then it doesn’t get anymore LYRICAL than that!

        Law Library is most certainly actual facts, from the heart and an experience A LOT of brothers including myself can RELATE to.

        However, none of that discounts your opinion either.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Pap is supreme superior lyricist no doubt. Him saying no one is better than him. That is crazy. Lupe Fiasco is better lyrically content wise. Celph Titled is dope. There are mc’s who have an edge on him. Eminem I know so cliche though I think Paps content is superior to Em I think ems flow is better than papoose. Em just says crazy shit a lot with no direction just metaphor after metaphor no subject matter too much. Presently he is better than Jay Z. Can Jay rhyme yes. If you look at content Jay has a catalogue so I have to say paps catalogue is not greater but maybe some of his subject matter or content Pap presently would have an edge on Jay. Jay Z old flow against paps hmm debatable. Jay Z his delivery was always nice. Pap doesn’t flow effortless on beat at times. Jay has no problem riding the beat. Trust me I have listened to paps entire Catalogue to hear his flow is off sometimes.

    • Terrance


  • $18916246

    Name a verse that Papoose has said, name a song Papoose has recorded that is on Jay’s level. This dudes is pissing on his own feet he don’t believe that garbage he’s talkin…Papoose is a desperate rapper who I gave listen but this mindless rant is void of reality and puts him way off with me. You don’t have to be as well known, or famous to rank in Jay’s category but where is this dudes body of work to back up his claim. Papoose is not that dude, his wife on the other hand (no diss) is one of the illest females rappers and potentially best mc’s of the last 20yrs. Papoose just strikes me now as a bottom feeder eating his own shit, again void of reality. He could not name a single mc that agreed with him. Papoose tell the world what ya wife said about your comment..Even she quoted Jay in song…I’ll let yall roll back time on that one.

    • soyhiphop

      Listen to turn it up produced by DJ premier.. Pap is a better rapper… But jay z is a better artist song content and what not

      • poview

        Finally someone who gets it.

    • tra mo

      You just went right through your final doorI invite you allNever did like you or trifle fraudSick as psycho wardsInvite you on buyin’ my mike recital was vinylShine a light that’ll blind youMy Light that’ll fight for your titleCry for psysem like michaelMy life recycle is psycho da pschobanktual bibleLook in the eyez of your idleI’m right behind youI Lined youI Stifled yoursYou rap niggaz marked for death like Michael Moore (Hustle hard)Yeah even my rhymes is hustleI’m sellin’ em’ to your mind watch my respect double (Hustle hard)They never used to wanna produce him or introduce himGettin’ Text’s from niggaz who rappin’Text messages from niggaz who producin’Now a days I get more Texas than Houston (Hustle hard)Ha you ain’t doin’ no real bubblin’You keep your end of the street stop air hustlin’

      • $18916246


      • tra mo

        Go to youtube type in hustle hard by papoose

  • johnblacksad

    Well, financially, your geico azz ain’t on Blu Ivy’s level… smh… now G.T.F.O.H.W.T.B.S.!

    Niggaz = Joke

  • johnblacksad

    The dude got like 12 or 13 number 1 albums… Pap is certified plastic with his one album with the most stupidest title ever : The Nacirema Dream… wow, how creative! Genius! smmfh…

    Damn Pap, you from Brooklyn shittin on Jay? suicidal azz nigga… your career definitely ain’t goin nowhere now for sure.

    • reg joe

      17. He has the record for most consecutive #1 albums, passing the Beatles and Elvis. Jay-Z. That brotha earned his props.

  • soyhiphop

    Pap is better than jay z lyrically he technically is..but that’s about it

  • $18916246

    To all that would entertain Papoose’s non-sense just post them ill verses we all remember from Papoose? Yeah line for line……………..SILENCE!
    .Yeah who’s the nicest life of lifeless on these mic devices/And I don’t write this/I just mic this/I will it to happen/One take Hov/ I’m real in this rappin. JAY-Z

    Ill verse after ill verse,yall. JAY been doing this (ill verses) for years. Papoose was a BIG L wannabe borrowing cadences…Now you nice as JAY….really? All you Papoose lyrical fans chime in, again with them ill Papoose verses we all know and love…..?

    • Terrance

      Jay-Z is also KNOWN to BORROW rhymes and cadences of ppl in his circle. Then he moves on after he has taken what he wants… #FACT

      • $18916246

        Bruh can I get that ill verse from Papoose? Just one…just say it…Let us here that hit record he recorded…..and 10, 9, 8, 7, know the rest.

      • Terrance

        I ALREADY gave up 2 songs for comparison.
        “Alphabetical Slaughter” and “Law Library”.

        If you read the comments further down on this page…

        1st), it was I who asked for someone to show me where Jay matched up well with these 2 songs.

        2nd), it was also I who mentioned Pap has NO HIT RECORDS.

        I also mentioned Jay is the BETTER artist by FAR.

        BTW, you haven’t acknowledged whether Jay bites off ppl or not? But we ALL KNOW the answer to that…. RIGHT???

        Truth is… when it comes to pure lyricism and jewel dropping, Jigga’s catalog doesn’t match up well with these 2 songs.

        However, when it comes to making commercially acceptable records… Pap’s catalog doesn’t match up well with Jigga’s.

      • $18916246

        “2 songs”? How many albums did JAY-Z record? JAY bit what song,and please don’t give internet babble and lines from NAS and CAM diss records.What do we have here the elephant swatting the fly c’mon son…Now recite them tight enlightening verses Papoose fans all know and love…Your not a Papoose fan either bruh, Your a sympathizer…awwwwe. Now stop the weak comparisons. JAY-Z earned his place in HIP-HOP and Papoose wannabe a** can’t stop that.

      • Terrance

        Not saying ANY of that.

        I prefer Hov for MANY reasons.

        However, what I was saying got lost in the sauce somewhere.

        Jay has BORROWED from Beans, B.I.G, Kane, Jaz etc.
        It’s NO secret homie.

        That said, I STILL Roc wit Jigga ABOVE ALL because of what you DID say…

        His “CATALOG”.

        It’s UNMATCHED.

        But within that, NOTHING in his catalog shows LYRICAL PROWESS like “ALPHABETICAL SLAUGHTER” nor drops jewels like “LAW LIBRARY”. I stand FIRM on that.

        However, it’s JUST my OPINION.

      • EniggaMA

        What??? Are u serious? And no I’m not writing no verse down

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    Papoose should have picked 50 for some hiphop beef. Jay-Z is never gonna respond, 50 got an album coming out and he will do anything for some publicity. So how dumb can you be Pap?

  • The Legendary Troll

    Facts: Lyrically you not as nice as you think you are. Just because you rhyme every other word doesnt mean you rap better. Jay-Z verses are WAAAAAAAAAY more entertaining than yours. If both of you get on a track, more people will skip yours over his

    • EniggaMA

      Fam lyrically not too many dudes messing wit pap. Clearly Jay is not “lyrically”. Pap just can’t make a good song for shit


    PAPOOP isn’t going ‘plastic’ in his own hometown! NO ONE has barely heard your name, more less a song, nationally or internationally! JIGGA is a LEGEND, a MOGUL, & a KING in the Entertainment & Sports Worlds! Once you dissed Kendrick AFTER he gave you your 5 minutes of ‘fame’ at SUMMER JAM, you showed your pathetic true colors & ended your ‘career’ before it even started!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next………………

    • Shaneca Thornton

      And don’t forget he’s (Jay-Z) a child molester too smh

  • Ryan Cole

    Pap makes some valid points about being confident and not kissing industry ass. As an MC, you’re supposed to feel that you’re better than the next man.

    Now for the rest of y’all, let’s not act like Jay is still killing it. He’s been mailing in alot of verses for the better part of 10 years now, jocking other people’s flows, riding waves, etc.

  • Elayorx El

    Damn, I was really hoping this sort of thing would never ever affect Pap in this way, but it seems like the politics, much like with Cannibus, has gotten in the way of a very promising career. Having to feel your the best in everything you do, is in a way unnecessary, unless of course it is mandatory to do so. You can create your own lane, and prosper much the same, without having to feel like others may have felt to be the best. The fact that he has singled Jay out, lets me know there may be more there than what is stated on the surface. I do agree with some of what Pap says though, but I probably would have liked to see him name someone he thought was, “lyrical”, and maybe go at them, instead of the tenant of Hip-Hop’s, “ivory tower”, knowing full well this is not really going to get him anywhere. I always thought Pap was, “the next MC” to take things to the next level in “Rap”, but it looks as if the times have played a role in shifting that natural selective process, and maybe some of Pap’s decisions. Pap, real rap fam, DEAD THIS! You still have the potential to make a classic that matters, and this is all you should be concentrating your focus on. Remy’s release soon should help place this in it’s proper perspective.

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