PREMIERE: Ying Yang Twins Ft. Mr. Collipark “Make It Jump”

  • dexter

    ok if subpar beat+sub par lyrics+sub par flow+ big a$$es shaking in a vid equals a hit than we have a banger!
    & but that lil break beat part 2wards the end was nice they actually should have turned that n2 a song? they might have had something…

  • grftswf

    we want it all.

  • MadVillain


  • PhilTheGreat

    It is what it is, a party track man. Can’t on them for doing them. This could get a party, a club, a bar, a mall poppin. Pfft honestly this is a dope party track. Almost sounds like that late 80’s early 90’s type of ish.

    • Frances M. Cameron

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  • Ying Yang Twins always have that ass-shaking music. They need to make a collab with Travis Porter. #StripperMusic

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