Princess “I Like It” [AllHipHop Exclusive]

  • this bird ass bitch….next

  • MonroeTheCynic


  • TruthSerum

    Is that a transvestite??

  • Darling Lilah

    that is hot..

  • McleodCurtis

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  • 9PIECE


  • RLG

    Princess was always >>> Diamond IMO, but I can’t rock with this shyt. Shi done got a lil thicker over tha years tho

    • Ronlg1

      YO!!!!  I’ve always prefered Princess over Diamond also….even though neither one of them can really spit anyway…but back to the real point……Whoever did her makeup and put that weave in should be tarred, feathered, set on fire and shot!!!!  That was a HORRIFIC look for her!!!

  • Is it Rap or Singing I must admit Iam confused…Where is she from anyway oh well to each there own…It is so many talented people that cant get looked at and we get this….Go Figure im not gonna hate maybe I just have to listen to it a few more times to get the vibe..

  • Apollo Showtime

    I mean she’s nice and thick like I like but she looks cray. She’s always been a better rapper than Diamond, but this shit ain’t it. Try again.

  • rep87

    wow she looking different these days i wish her well