Prophit – “Hold NY Down”

  • Terrance

    At first, I clicked this because it says Hold NY down and the guy in the frame had a DALLAS jersey on!

    That irritated me off top. So I’m like…
    Here we go with one of those “Bring NY back” joints…

    Which NONE I’ve heard thus far I like! AND I’M FROM NY.

    Lo and Behold!

    This guy just made a lot of “WELL KNOWN” NY Rappers look like they sleepin’.

    My dude went HARD and the beat was HARD. Plus it actually sounded like a NY track. As opposed to “some other” region’s style.

    What got me is it sounds GENUINE without tryin’ to REACH. Lyrics and Hook were DECENT.

    He needs more polish (which I’m gonna research) but just crushed a lot of (“Bring NY back/y’all get it”) kind of songs.

    PLEASANT surprise.