Pusha T – Exodus 23:1 (Lil Wayne & Drake Diss)


  • churchboy2

    Dope visuals (pun intended).

    Pusha T for the win!

  • Casor_Greener

    Not too bad…

  • Why he smack lil bitch wayne in the face like that lol

  • scullyson


  • illymac

    pusha t video basically saying he still in the hood,he can still go back to his hood and be around real hood niggaz,
    he basically saying he really bout that life that wayne portray in his rhymes..

    • pusha t is about that & wayne isnt hahahah

  • $20434212

    LOL. What, you spend an afternoon filming some crack addicts, a fake dispute, and some grown-a$$ men playing video games and you think that gets you a pass on hatin? .Pusha needs to get off the next mans dick.

    • TruthSerum

      Anytime you use the word “Hater” you expose yourself. That word was invented by Puffy to hide behind when people took his ghostwriter using, 80’s pop song sample flipping, cookie cutter garbage to task, cause he knew he had no defense.

      • $20434212

        Ha, hey, I’m not going to come out defending diddy, but I think a lot of rappers would agree that haters aren’t just made up. Jealousy is real, and it reveals itself at many levels: bitterness, spite, insults, violence, etc. Pusha isn’t where he think he should be, and can’t understand why these other dudes are. Fact is I think wayne and drake are more talented the push, plain and simple. He’s just not that versatile stylistically and has very little to offer his audience content-wise other than redundant cocaine-this, fishscale that….

      • TruthSerum

        The word “Hater” just annoys me

        Some idiot comes out rapping his ABC’s over a beat he jacked from a Disney cartoon, I say “This Sucks” and I’m a hater……

        People use it to duck any and all criticism

        I personally dont think Wayne or Pusha are aything to write home about honestly, this song was aiight tho

      • $20434212

        I feel you. See my reply to paul above…

      • if u make music that sucks & people dont like it, u cant call them haters. that makes no sense

      • $20434212

        Agreed. Here’s the difference though: I don’t like Pusha T much at all, however I wish him all the best, you know? Musically, I can’t STAND Wiz, however he’s obviously talented and doing his thing. I’m not saying it’s bullshit that people like him, I’m not calling him a liar or a bitch, or mocking his peoples and trying to tear him down– good for him for gettin it, I’m trying to get mine too. 

      • wiz is not talented. he had one of the worst cds ive ever heard….life is more about money… its kinda like your sayn’ oh he sucked a dick for a record deal & good for him- he is getn money’

      • $20434212

        Can’t really respond to the the real and fake ish. For me it’s about the music and everything else is bulls#it. I don’t care what push has gotten into before rapping at all. If a kid from the burbs can rap circles around him, then I’m going to like him better. 

        I don’t understand how some people will like lesser skilled rappers because they’re “real”. It’s like choosing to eat a crappy meal cooked by a former drug dealer rather than good one cooked by, whatever, a “fake” person. 

      • & u dont have to like sum1 , but pusha t shud b respected bcz of what he has done in his life & he has always been real… drake & wayne are fakes & thats y people hate them so much

      • ps wayne & drake arent talented bcz they do songs for nsyncs audience & act like white boys all the time

    • Weedras

      you gotta tell Wayne to get off Jay-Z’s dick homie, wat your talking about is irrelevant, when Wayne be portray dumb shit no one complains, art imitates life and if Pusha wanna show another aspect of the world out there so what, and yeah u have grown ass men who play video games… hence why its a multi billion industry be real with it…

  • hhhaahah pusha t killed it…whats wayne guna do come out w a pop song w drake on the chorus?  

  • Whack subpar lyrics about being hood… Couldn’t he just kept this in a interview or something? The lyrics  are barely Dr. Seuss… Matter of fact, Green Eggs and Ham got harder spit than this… Okay… Ur Hood, we got it… Now What… Thats why kids stuck in that kind of thinking now… Damn shame this dude is around intelligent people…

    • yea but the point is he can put out sumthin simple like this & still kills anything wayne can do. its chess fool , do your research… he is baitn wayne & wayne took the bait & now he will kill wayne

  • i’m sorry but pusha t is just killing wayne bringin him back to life and killin him again. going way to hard hahahah f**k ymcmb and all that fake shit. hip hop and rap is supposed to be real, gritty. hit you to the core. artistry. and it aint much of that out nowadays and FINALLY someone has the balls to tell it how it is. THANK YOU PUSHAAAAAAAAA

  • Derrick Yelnats

    This shit Bangz !

  • suge380

    Go head Pusha, lay his sweet azz out.

  • obviously he put out sumthin simple at 1st & he prbly has 10 songs waiting to drop .. wayne still tryn to come up w 16 bars

  • BoldSpice

    30 yr old ni99as ridin on handlebars? Is that how it go down in VA? Alrighty then. And showing your daddy smokin crack on film aint a good look either. I liked the song til i seen the video.

    • HipHopStalker

      The handle bars shit was just clownin like his own ghetto driver or like snoop in gin n juice. And how do you know that was his daddy ? Bold Spice are you sure your not really Baby ? Go kiss Wayne some more.

    • Weedras

      lol!! Wayne’s fan is hurt!! lol!! best beleive reality is reality… crack is real and art imitates life… so stop embarrassing yourself lol!! cause your not focusing on what’s relevant at all…

      • art imitates life, exactly!! people need to shut the f**k u pabout this video. its as real as it gets

  • U.P.T.nw4eva

    Any ni99a praising a man whoo kissed another man on the mouth needs to kill himself. Pusha showing you real shyt. We talkin bout a ni99a who never sold drugs, never rode with choppers in the car…..come on man lol. This fake Blood shot himself lol are you serious? Ni99a was wearin’ 05 FUBU jerseys then when everyone leaves he a Blood? GTFOH. This is just karma catching up with this homo. Pusha exposed this skateboard homo lol. Thugs dont rock leotards lol. Too funny. Ni99a been on Jay-Z penis so long lol he disses Jay 10 months later and it was weak, but he wont diss 50? 50 is trash also but wayne is shook. Pusha will end this ni99a career lol. look at his arsenal of weapons. Drake is a bytch and Common showed us that lol. He talk shyt to Uncle Luke but I bet he won’t walk the streets of FL alone lol. He scared of Luda lol. YMCMB? Who? lol Everyone at G.O.O.D. can spit lol it’s a done deal. Pusha just beginning lol this is a chess match and it’s about to be checkmate.

  • HipHopStalker

    Wayne been done. He’s just riding Drakes wave right now to stay relevant. For real what’s the last Wayne track ya’ll heard playing in the hood ? His fans are ONLY teeny bopper kids in the burbs who play whatever is on the radio. Maybe the reason he hasn’t released Cory Gunz because He can out spit wayne in a second. Wayne has just been the guy to release the most product as far as appearences and Random songs that are not hot. The last shit I like was his gangsta grillz mixtapes where he went hard on every track. And the Carter 2 was solid but now he’s like Cam’ron with dreads. His rhymes are lazier with each verse. And Drake doesn’t want to see a real hood hungry emcee if it’s Pusha-T or anybody else so he claimes everybody that is better than him is just hatin because they don’t sell like him and Wayne. He even had the nerve to say Jay and Ye (but he said some other guys) jacked the joint album idea from him and Wayne LOL These clowns are feelin themselves way too much when Nicki goes harder than both them lil girls.

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